The original FIRE-FX logo from 2011- April 2015

The original FIRE-FX logo from 2011- April 2015

Our Story: FIREFX was founded as a media system in Round Rock, TX in 2011 by Larry Allhands and Dave Putman and is still veteran owned and operated.

Media Systems: This company started when the military unit Dave and Larry were assigned to, The 136th MEB,  was mobilized to go to Afghanistan. They needed a digital media server to watch movies while "In Country". This prompted them to look into the digitized media servers and services market. After several weeks of research, he found that there were no products or services that really met their needs, so they began to build one. After a few months of building and testing a suitable prototype, the US Army Signal Officers developed what they consider to be a suitable platform.  Dave immediately recognized the high-performance media player as a unique product and asked to be part of its’ future; joining as CTO and Vice President.

Everything out there had a fault that we knew we could improve upon
— Dave Putman, VP/CTO

When the 136th MEB deployed, Dave was selected for the mission to Afghanistan and Larry was assigned to JTF 71, a Homeland Security unit in Texas. While Dave field tested the FIREFX media system with the soldiers in Kandahar,  Larry continued development in Texas and started taking it to local system integrators to get market feedback on their product. The Integrators he showed it to immediately ordered the media systems and told Larry that he had a potentially award winning product if he took it to CEDIA. Of course, not really knowing the market, Larry replied "What the heck is CEDIA?".

In 2012, FIREFX joined CEDIA and began exhibiting at the Expo in 2013 in Denver. It turned out the integrators Larry talked to were right as FIREFX media systems went on to win four Mark of Excellence Awards (2014-2017), two Electronic House Magazine Product of The Year Awards (2015-2016) and one Editor's Choice Award in 2016.

Cyber-Security Appliances: In early 2016, several of our customers with small to mid sized-business and high net-worth clientele requested that we use our military networking background to secure their home and small/medium business networks. The revolutionary Network Guardian Cyber-Security IoT Router was launched to this end in December of 2016 and won the 2017 Top New Technology Award at Integrated Systems Europe in February 2017.  

“Once again, we looked at he market and realized that there was a lot of room for improvement in network security - and with our military experience, we were just the team to do it!”
— Larry Allhands, CEO

Baptized By Fire: When naming the company, Dave and Larry wished to pay homage to their roots and ongoing service in the Texas Army National Guard.The FIREFX name was derived from the military term “Fire For Effect”.

"The term 'Fire For Effect' is a military term used by spotters for indirect fire weapons such as mortars or artillery. 'Fire For Effect' is the command the observer gives the firing battery after the shells from one 'ranging' gun hit the target successfully. The firing battery then lets loose with all guns firing at the same range and azimuth. That is to say the 'Fire For Effect' order switches the fire from one gun for ranging to six or more guns to deliver maximum impact on the target."

Co-Founder Dave Putman in Kabul Afghanistan where the FIRE-FX system was battle tested by warfighters from 2012-2013. FIREFX Co-Founder and VP/CTO CW2 (Ret) Dave Putman in Afghanistan with soldiers that battle tested the FIREFX Media System

The meaning of FIREFX is two fold. First, we have carefully gauged the market and developed a revolutionary technology platform allowing us to provide the maximum impact by focusing our resources on the ease of use of our product line by our partners, the system integrators. Second, our systems delight the customers with power and flexibility, allowing  to show off their system with robust, feature-full system effects, performance and features found only in the FIREFX product line.

The first generation FIREFX media systems were extensively tested by soldiers in military environments ranging from US Army facilities in the Continental United States (CONUS) to outposts in Kabul Afghanistan. In these demanding environments, we refined our product line to a rugged and reliable offering. Using the military mindset of “two is one, and one is none”, we built our devices to be as rugged and reliable as possible, coming standard with RAID 5 protected hard drives on our storage devices and even offering custom builds with redundant power supplies and even bonded Network Interface Cards (NIC).

  The new "US Army Signal Orange" FIREFX logo April 2015 onward

The new "US Army Signal Orange" FIREFX logo April 2015 onward

Rebranding: In early 2015, FIREFX rebranded its logo. In keeping with our military tradition, we selected orange as the background of our logo. The orange in the FIRE-FX logo signifies the US Army Signal Corps Color.

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT): While media systems will always be passionately in the founders' blood, in 2016 FIREFX added cyber-security appliances, designed specifically for IoT deployments, to their product line.

In early 2016, the founders were approached by several customers who loved FIREFX's award winning media system products and knew of our military background; designing and securing top-secret networks. They asked us to secure their networks against what was clearly a new and growing threat; Insecure IoT devices.

FIREFX responded in December of 2016 with the launch of their Network Guardian product line; the first router/firewall with an integrated intrusion detection/protection system designed and pre-configured specifically for smart home and small to mid sized business deployments.

As Signal Officers in the US Army, we secured our networks and data like our lives depended on it... because they did. The Network Guardian leverages that experience with military grade information assurance packages to monitor and protect traffic between devices behind the firewall (inside the user's network). It detects threats with daily updated threats and vulnerabilities, and automatically shuts down any detected attacks.

With 20+ years of military operational networking experience in Top Secret environments, FIREFX has built the first security appliance specifically for the custom integration/automation market that actively monitors your networks for threats, protecting them with the same tools and techniques used by the US Army Cyber Command.

At FIREFX, your network security and peace of mind is our mission.

 FIREFX President & CEO CW2 Larry Allhands

FIREFX President & CEO CW2 Larry Allhands

FIREFX strives maintain a warrior culture in the work space which means:

  1. As a company we always work projects, support and products to standard, not to time.
  2. As individuals we endeavor to live up to the values which were instilled in us through our military service in our daily decision making and interpersonal interactions. These are the values of LDRSHP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Personal Courage).
  3. As individuals bear true faith and allegiance to the State, Nation, and Family. 


 Our military service heritage board; proudly displayed in the FIREFX lobby.

Our military service heritage board; proudly displayed in the FIREFX lobby.

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!