98% of home and small to mid-sized business hacks occur behind the firewall, so why would you ever want to depend on a 2% solution for your network security? The Network Guardian is the answer to your cyber-security concerns for home automation and small to mid sized business network deployments.

The FIREFX Network Guardian is a unique military-grade solution combining hardware and software to address one of the fastest-growing consumer concerns, cyber-security. An automated security appliance, it is able to perform multiple security functions within one single platform: high performance router, network firewall, network intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus & anti-spam, VPN server, content filtering, data protection, etc. 


  • Secure Remote Access from ANYWHERE
  • Enterprise High Security Network
  • Protect Your Children
  • Lightning Fast Network Performance
  • Digital Concierge Service (Remote Support Of Your Networks)
  • Subscription Model
  • Active Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDPS)
  • Tailor Made for Pro-AV Smarthome and Business Automation Systems

A typical router/firewall is like a good front door on your house or business. It only keeps the honest people out. Your networks, like your home and office, need more than just a solid door to secure them; they need a security system that monitors and reacts to threats in real time. The FIREFX Network Guardian does exactly this, combining a superior router/firewall and an automated intrusion detection and prevention system to deliver real network security.

Most successful security hacks happen behind the firewall when a user unknowingly introduces malware to a device. The malware can be introduced by visiting a web page on a compromised site, opening an email with a malware payload, sharing a thumb drive with a friend or co-worker, or may even be installed on an appliance at the time of manufacturing. The malware jumps laterally to other devices behind the firewall and automatically downloads more malware infecting other devices. 


The Network Guardian also introduces the opportunity to create a new subscription-based business built around the critical need for home cyber security protection. Our appliance updates with the latest threat patterns twice daily for an annual fee. Now you can combine the automated FIREFX cyber-security updates in a subscription model to your service & support plan, offering real perceived value to the clientele.


FIREFX becomes your remote Cyber-Security Concierge, capable of performing 24/7 monitoring, technical support, and advanced custom configurations for your projects. We become your virtual IT staff of highly proficient and well trained network security engineers, helping you ensure each project is safe, secure, and reliable in the field.


Each year, CE Pro and its sister publications work with a team of integrators from around the world to judge the top products and services in 15 commercial categories and 13 residential categories at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). Entrants are judged on their technological innovation, benefits to the integrator, and benefits to the end user.

The FIREFX Network Guardian Internet of Things (IoT) Cyber-Security Router and Intrusion Prevention System was selected as the Top New Technology for Residential Household Enhancements in 2017.

See The Network Guardian In Action

As Signal Officers in the US Army, we secured our networks and data like our lives depended on it... because they did. The Network Guardian leverages that experience with military grade information assurance packages to monitor and protect traffic between devices behind the firewall (inside the user's network). It detects threats with daily updated threats and vulnerabilities, and automatically shuts down any detected attacks.

With 20+ years of military operational networking experience in Top Secret environments, FIREFX has built the first security appliance specifically for the custom integration/automation market that actively monitors your networks for threats, protecting them with the same tools and techniques used by the US Army Cyber Command.

At FIREFX, your network security and peace of mind is our mission.