Mission: "Our mission is to change the Pro-AV industry by challenging current paradigms with revolutionary technology and product offerings that are simple, reliable, and provide the best performance available. "

Overview: FIREFX is a Next-Generation IoT security router and network security appliance developer founded by military networking experts trained at the US Army Cyber-College in Ft. Gordon, GA.

Our award-winning products custom made for the Pro AV Market that consistently deliver superior performance at a reasonable price point. FIREFX has combined industry experience, proven software, military grade hardware components and years of military experience to create the Network Guardian; a unified threat management platform for home and business automation networks.

What We Believe: We believe in providing people the best, fastest, most intuitive and profitable technology on the market. We believe that people should not feel like slaves to their technology or be intimidated by it. This is why we make all of our products with a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance. Technology that "just works" out of the box.

More than just a router/firewall, our security appliance is unparalleled in the Pro-AV industry, offering real-time network and IoT threat monitoring and protection, secure remote access, and enterprise level reliability on a military-grade platform.

CEDIA Professionals: This is our market

Growth and Success: In 2013, FIREFX’s leadership team was joined by John Sutton and SVP of Programming Ken Allhands; John helping secure a manufacturing agreement with the TyRex Manufacturing Group, and Ken building the foundation of what would be the PLAY, HUB and UPLAY generation 3.0 product line. In 2015, Laurie Armstrong, Executive Admin, joined our executive team building our professional operations team capabilities.

In 2016, Bradley Morrow, CIO, and Josh Van Gulden, Cyber Architect, joined our growing management team as FIREFX pivoted from media systems t0 focus on the growing cyber-security threat in the Pro AV industry..

FIRE-FX Product Design Methodology

Methodology: The FIREFX team started with a mastery of information technology system design spanning over five decades of combined experience and the benefit of not being overly familiar with the professional A/V Industry. As a result of not having an A/V industry background, we had no preconceived notions of how a professional grade media system should perform, and were not limited by existing industry paradigms. Utilizing the agile development methodology and lean startup process, we were able to use incremental and iterative product design relying on actual customer feedback along the way to develop our superior product line.

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Awards and Accolades: A member of CEDIA since 2012, FIREFX stands for quality, performance, simplicity, and reliability. We believe that the system integrator should enjoy installing our product as much as the customer loves using it. With this holistic view of the market, we set out to build systems that were as easy to set up and configure as they were to use. We also focused on leaving our interface as open as possible to allow for customization on an unprecedented level.  No customization is required for a basic installation, but there is a lot of room to customize our systems should the integrator desire to do so. As a result of our vision, dedication, and hard work, FIREFX products have been recognized by industry professionals with several top product of the year awards.

2017 FIREFX Network Guardian Named Electonic House Magazine's Residential Netowrking Product Of The Year.

2017 FIREFX Team Awarded With CE Pro Quest For Quality Award for Superior Technical Support

2017 FIREFX Network Guardian Named Top New Technology (TNT) Product for home networking at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe).

2017 FIREFX Media Player With Live TV won the CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Media Management Product of the Year.

2016 FIREFX Modular Media System won the CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Media Management Product of the Year.

2015 The FIREFX UPLAY won the Electronic House Magazine Product of the Year Award for Media Server Product of the Year.

2015 The FIREFX UPLAY won the CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Media Management Product of the Year.

2014 The FIREFX FFXPLAY 3.0 Media System won the CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Media Management Product of the Year.

2013 The FIREFX FFXPLAY 2.0 Media System won the Home Theater Source Component of the Year Runner Up.

Any intellectual property and all patents pertaining to our products remain the property of FIRE-FX.