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The FIREFX DATA VAULT is a unique military-grade solution combining hardware and software to address one of the fastest-growing cyber-security concern: Ransomware attacks. With the rapid rise of malware based ransomware attacks, businesses and consumers need their data protected.  

Today, everything is digitized: family photos, business documents, personal records, financial information, automation systems, media files, contact info, etc.  Even temporary loss is unacceptable for SMBs, telecommuters, and high-net-worth individuals. 

Organizations across the globe must retool with new technology, strong enough to fend off cash-extracting ransomware users. 

Since ransomware typically enters by means a traditional firewall won’t stop, organizations must think outside the box.  


FIREFX is proud to announce an anti-ransomware DATA VAULT as part of this solution, providing on-premises protection of critical data and backups.  

The DATA VAULT stores your files in a protected “unencryptable” format for quick retrieval in the case of a ransomware attack. No need to pay the ransom; just restore content locally or keep using your protected directories.  You’re still in business. 
Combined with the protection of a Network Guardian Next Generation Firewall, auto-backup software, and endpoint anti-virus/malware software, your private data will enjoy unprecedented protection.  

The FIREFX DATA VAULT is a must-have for the  small office, remote/home office, mid-sized business, or smart home residence, delivering an extra level of security to your customer’s most valuable information assets. 

FIREFX provides a completely secure product pre-configured by some of the best military-trained cybersecurity experts utilizing tools, techniques and best practices used to protect Top Secret data. With FIREFX, you don't need to be a cyber-security expert to protect your clientele. In addition, when paired with our NETWORK GUARDIAN Next Generation Firewall, FIREFX is your cyber-security concierge, remotely monitoring and supporting the DATA VAULT as needed.   

Now, with the DATA VAULT, you can confidently address your client’s concerns and questions regarding ransomware attacks.

Shipping September 2017