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On-Line Course: “Basics of Securing IoT Networks for the Home and Business” CEUP661

COST: Free

Basic Security: This is a basic security course. You will not be an IoT security expert at the completion of this course. What you will be able to do upon passing this course is the following.

Define what an IoT device is
Identify security threats introduced to networks by IoT devices
Understand the anatomy of a network hack
Identify potential exploitable vulnerabilities in network designs
Identify best practices for securing networks with IoT devices, including
VLAN Separation
Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDPS)
Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) Protection
Proper VPN Use
This course is approximately 1.5 hours long and includes an open Q&A session and written exam. Successful completion of the course and passing in the exam (70%) will earn you a certificate and .75 CEUs.

INSTRUCTOR: Josh Van Gulden - Cyber Security Architect FIREFX

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